Tuesday, April 28, 2009



I am back at the computer. AMEN. Do you know how little there is to watch on TV? And when you have taken pain medication, you get really sleepy when you read. And even with that extra padding, my backside is getting tired of being sat on.

Bill has been the best nurse ever and YES I have done exactly what I was told to do. Stitches came out yesterday (the 27th) and the pins come out of my toes May 12. I can walk around more but still have to be very careful not to hit those things sticking out the end of my toes. I am walking in funny shoes that make me walk on my heels and using a walker for balance. I have developed a new level of respect for those that use a walker all the time. There is a knack to using a walker that I have not perfected.

I will post a new blog this Friday, May 1. Can you believe May already?


Celebrate the day, Mary

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