Thursday, December 31, 2009



"I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."



I do believe God is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and He will be the end. I see God as a Creator when I see the birds in flight, when I wiggle my toes in a creek and when I see a newborn baby. I know God is my Father because Psalm 139 tells me "he knit me together in my mother's womb." I experience God as a judge when my conscious makes me understand I am heading in the wrong direction. I learn from God, the teacher, as I study His word. And I know God loves me. God loves me so much he sent His Son to become a sacrifice for my sins. I also know God wants me to be with Him in eternity. He wants that so much He has a room waiting for me. I do believe God is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and He will be the end.


I do believe in family and have been blessed with a wonderful husband, two children, a son-in-law, a soon-to-be daughter-in-law, six grandchildren and two soon-to-be grandchildren. This is my family but I know families are made up of any number from one to unlimited. A family can be one person. A couple. A single parent with children. A family can include pets. A family can be made up of friends. A family is always changing as people enter our lives and as people are taken away. I believe there are "things" every family needs. Respect. Consideration. Understanding. Forgiveness. The ability to work together. The ability to listen. Families need to know they will never agree on everything. A family needs to know they are safe from harm - physical, mental or emotional. A family needs to love each other as God loves us. When I began to learn the love of God, I learned to love my family differently. I wish I had always understood the love of God and, when I look back, I am sure my family wishes I had too. I work very hard to be a strong link in our family and I now surround our family in prayer and wrap them in the love of God.


Until now, I have kept politics out of my blog, but today I am going to make an exception. I want to end 2009 by taking a personal stand. I do believe in my country. Or I should say I believe in the principles the United States of America was founded on. I consider myself very fortunate to be born in this country. To be a citizen of a country founded on beliefs of freedom: Freedom to worship. To bear arms. To vote. Freedom of speech. Freedom to work in a job of our choice. Freedom to -- This could be a long list. My fear is that our country is being taken apart. I see our Supreme Court telling us what the laws mean instead of enforcing the laws. I see a President turning our country away from individual freedoms and toward socialism. I see Congressmen and Senators forgetting they are elected officials to represent us. I believe in term limits because term limits would end professional politicians and send people to elected positions who know what it means to work and struggle in day-to-day life. I want an end to special treatment, pork barrel or buying votes to pass specific legislation. I believe in the right to own guns. I welcome every person who enters our country legally, but do not believe in allowing those here illegally to stay. I believe in helping my fellow man, but do not believe in never-ending welfare. I want to be able to decide what medical treatments I will or will not have. I believe businesses should remain in this country instead of job after job being sent outside our borders. I believe the executives of companies who send their factories overseas should have to go there to live. I believe businesses should be allowed to prosper or fail. I believe in taxation but I believe those taxes should be equal and fair to all. I believe we, as a country, have been put in the position of defenders of world peace, but I am tired of sending our sons, daughters, husbands, wives or any soldier into a country where our support is not wanted. I know our world is constantly changing, but I cannot take seriously anyone telling me global warming is real or that we should go green, when they are flying here, there and yonder in private jets. Or want us to drop the ball on New Years Eve by using bicycle power while consuming untold energy in the building where people are pedaling those bicycles. I am tired of being a nation who shows up at every disaster and then being told we are not doing enough. I am tired of being trillions in debt because we are taking care of the world. I am tired of being told we deserve to die because we are infidels and that the whole world should be subject to Shariah Laws. I am tired of not being able to express my opinion because I might offend someone but have to listen to others put down my Christian faith.

What do I want for the USA? I want our country to return to the values it was founded on. I want elected officials to listen to the voters and use common sense. I want each citizen to be proud of being an American. An American period. We all have a history. A heritage and should be proud of our heritage, but if you were born here - You are an American. If you chose to come to this country to live - You are an American. I want to know we can live here safely and want our borders, our streets and our travels by car, bus, train or plane to be safe from terrorists. I want companies to keep factories in this country so our sisters, brothers and friends have jobs. I want people to have pride in their work and know life is better because they are a contributing member of society. What do I want for this country? I want this country to return to its values. One nation. One nation, Under God.


Dear Heavenly Father, I am blessed to live in the USA. We are not a perfect country and we have pulled away from the foundation upon which we were formed. God, You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. I pray our country turns back to You. Just like our country, our families are not perfect. For each family I pray they have respect, consideration, understanding, forgiveness and love for each other. I pray each member of a family is first a strong individual who is willing to listen and work with others in the family. I pray each is held safe in Your hand and never experiences physical, mental or emotional abuse. I pray that, if a person does suffer, they will find an earthly friend to help them and they will find comfort in You. I pray for each family - be it a family of one or a family of many - to experience Your love. Mainly, I offer my prayer as a prayer of worship to You. You - the Creator, the Father, the Judge, the Teacher. To You, the one who loves Your children enough to give us Your Son so we can have eternity with You. To the Alpha and the Omega, I say, "Thank You." Amen

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