Friday, June 26, 2009



(Please read this first chapter of the Bible. I am only quoting two lines: In the beginning God created and And God said,


I love the way the Bible starts: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Wouldn't it have been great to be there? To see God create? I picture God, filling a void in space with our earth. A planet God was preparing just for us. Now how cool is that? The Bible says, "the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." Yes, God was getting a place ready for us.

Do I believe that God created the world? YES. Do I think He did it in what we consider six days? No. I think God created in God's idea of time and not ours.

"And God said." The earth was created and then the fun began. Light. Sky. Land and seas. Then came all the plants. And the sun, the moon and the stars. Living creatures, in the water, the air and on land. Finally, God created man.

What an imagination God has. And a sense of humor. But most amazing (Are you ready?) is the 'God said' part. Just think about it. God said, "Let there be ····· ". That is all God had to do. God said and it happened. God said and a lion roared. God said and a whale leaped from the water. God said and day became night. God said and a zebra checked out her stripes. God said and a monkey climbed a tree. God said and lilies grew in the fields and sparrows flew in the sky.

God said and you were formed in your mother's womb.


Can you look around and see God's creations? Do you realize God made all of this for you?

Please use this as a beginning of your prayer. Finish in your own words, words from your heart.


Thank you God. Thank you! I see you everywhere I look. In the sunset. The sunrise. The silly monkeys and the eagles. I see you in the creeks and the oceans. I see you in the deserts and in the mountains. I see you in the twinkling stars. I see you in a rose. Thank you for creating me. .… Amen

Last night a group of ladies came to our home to discuss a study we are doing.  This picture shows you the benediction God gave to our meeting.


This morning I knew I had to add this to my blog.  Again, a confirmation of creation.  “And God said”

Friday, June 19, 2009



This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


It is raining. AGAIN! I have put out a call for gopher wood and our grandson Noah is on standby. I do believe we might need to build another ark. Want to ride along?

So, if I had a perfect day - sun shining, with a gentle breeze. Temperature between 70 and 75. (Bill says I have a very narrow comfort range.) What would I do? Where would I go?

I would go to see the ocean. Waves gently rolling in and out. A horizon that goes forever. A blue sky. A ship in the distance. Children building sand castles. A couple walking by, holding hands, oblivious to the world.

I would go to the mountains. Powerful reminders of God's grandeur. Snow on top and pine trees. Sharp jagged rocks. Beautiful valleys. The setting sun making shadows and filling the sky with pink. Purple. Blue.

I would go find a creek. (Pronounced 'crick' in my neck of the woods.) I would wade. Feeling the water drifting over my toes. Smooth rocks underneath and tiny fish swimming by.

I would go to a big city. To feel the energy that is generated by so many people rushing to get nowhere. I would look at the buildings and be amazed at the architecture. I would go to an art museum to see how other people see the world. I would find a neighborhood so I would know that even in big cities there are families eating supper together.

I would go to Yellowstone. There I would sit and watch a herd of buffalo. Watch them graze. Watch them sleep. Walk. Exist. Buffalo are my favorite wild animal. They have attitude!

I would find a church. A quiet, old church. Along a dirt road. Forgotten by time. With the doors unlocked. I would enter. Sit quietly and wait.


What is your idea of a perfect day? What would you do with it?

Please use this as a beginning of your prayer. Finish in your own words, words from your heart.


Life can get so hectic. The day can be planned to the last minute. Each second necessary for me to get everything accomplished. No extra time. Then wham. One phone call throws me off schedule. Lord, let me see each day as the perfect day. Maybe not what I had planned. Maybe not what I even wanted to do. Sometimes pulled this way and that. Lord, give me a perfect day. A day where I sense your direction. A day where I know you are in control. A day where I take time for work. Play. Family. Friends. Myself. A day where I make time for you. Amen

Friday, June 12, 2009



For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


I have discovered some things about television, during my weeks of confinement and I am thrilled that I can be up and about and no longer need to rely on TV for my main source of entertainment. I have discovered:

>No matter how many channels you have, sometimes there is absolutely nothing on worth watching.

>I still do not like I Love Lucy.

>I do not understand how there can be so many "infomercial" channels. Do people really watch them?

>Mash reruns are great no matter how many times you see them.

>I missed many Little House on the Prairie stories. Laura grew up and got married! When did that happen?

>Touched by an Angel is touching me all over again. I have that little box under the TV set to record every episode. If you have never watched this show, it is on the Hallmark channel.

Some of the shows I remember and sit there waiting for Monica to glow. To help someone see the truth. The truth that God loves them. Other shows I have forgotten. Watching those, I wonder if Andrew is going to escort one of God's children to heaven. And I love watching Tess as she gives Monica her assignments or as she encourages Andrew when he is beside the bed of a dying believer. This show, about three angels, brings some peace to a day filled with bad news and worse news.

Mainly this show gives hope. Touched by an Angel tells stories about people in big cities, in rural areas, with children, without children. Stories about child abuse, long held resentment and fear. Stories about lost dreams. Lost people. Lost faith. Stories about people living real lives. Stories about good people and very bad people.

And every time Tess, Monica or Andrew will glow with the love of God and say, "I am an angel sent by God and He wants you to know that He loves you."


Have you ever had an angel help you? Have you ever been an angel to another person? Have you ever told someone that God loves them? Has someone told you that you are loved by God?

Please use this as a beginning of your prayer. Finish in your own words, words from your heart.


For God so loved - What powerful words these are. They bring joy to my soul. They bring peace to my spirit. They bring hope to my days. They give comfort to my nights. Let me see the angels in my life. Maybe it is just the opening of a door when my hands are full. Or a smile when I am feeling down. Or someone at work saying, "May I help you with that?" Or hearing just the right song on the radio. And let me be an angel to others. Let me open doors. Let me smile. Let me help those around me. Let my words be a song to another's ears. Let them hear, "God loves you." Amen

Friday, June 05, 2009



Children's children are a crown to the aged,

(The study narrative, for this verse, says, "To live to see one's grandchildren was considered a great blessing.”)


Our granddaughter told me she was surprised I was on facebook. I replied back, "Why? Do you think I am too old to be on facebook?" Kailyn walked into church, last Sunday, wearing a new dress. Now I do feel old! Why you ask.

Where shall I start? Is it because she is taller than I am even when she is barefooted? Or is it the fact that she told me about her 8th grade graduation and that she is now officially a high school student? Or, just maybe, because she then proceeded to mention, in an off-handed manner, that in four years she would be in college?

Help! TELL ME IT AIN'T SO! Our first grandchild. Our little granddaughter is 14 and a few months old. She is a high school student. What is next? A driver's license? Boys? College? Please, please, tell me it ain't so.

Kailyn should still be, maybe four. Or five. Not going on 15. Kailyn should still be that little girl that helped wash dishes. And sat on our laps. And played dress up and imaginary zoo. And ate carrots until her skin turned orange. (Yes, that is true.)

Where have the years gone? I remember when our family was given this gift. A gift of a very sweet little baby girl. A little girl. When did she grow up? I know I have not gotten older. How did she? I want my little girl back. The little girl who made me feel special when she called me grandma and looked up to me with that silly, little Kailyn grin. I want that little girl back not this big girl who has all sorts of plans to go with friends here, there and yonder. Kailyn should still be confined to the back yard or maybe just around the block on her bike. Where is that little girl? Oh ---

As we sat in church, Kailyn whispered, "Grandma, you are so good to lay my head on." And with that, my little girl fell asleep. And right there in church, I knew Kailyn would always be my little girl. No matter how old I get. No matter how old she gets. No matter how tall. No matter high school or college. No matter if she finds a nice young man that I am sure will never be good enough for her. No matter what, she will always be our little girl. Our sweet Kailyn.

Sorta like how God feels about each of us. God knows us from beginning to end. I am His. You are His. No matter how young or old. How short or tall. How smart. Married. Single. God will always say, "This is my little child."


Are you absolutely thrilled to be God's child?

Please use this as a beginning of your prayer. Finish in your own words, words from your heart.


I am God's child! Thanks be to God. No matter if I am old or young, I am God's child. Thanks be to God. No matter if I am tall or short, I am God's child. Thanks be to God. No matter if I am in school or not, I am God's child. Thanks be to God. No matter if I am married or single, I am God's child. Thanks be to God. I am God's child! Thanks be to God. Amen