Friday, October 18, 2013


This has been a strange week. Somehow Friday arrived before I was ready for it and did not get a blog written so will go with random thoughts.

I am reading a novel about a man who finds a carpetbag that is empty except when someone needs something. Then there it is, in the bottom of the bag. ?? What would you need and find when you reached in the bag?

When reading, I love to come across a sentence that just stops me. "Her silence roared in his ears." ?? When is silence in your life loud?

What to have for lunch? So thankful we have choices.

Just how much dust needs to accumulate before you feel guilty enough to clean?

We lie down, close our eyes, think whatever thoughts enter our brain and then it is morning. Why don't we realize when we go to sleep?

How does a hawk balance on the very thin branch, at the very top of the tree?

Why does tomorrow never come, but we never leave yesterday behind?

Why isn't the Bible in alphabetical order? It would make it much easier to find Jude.

Why does the price of gas go down right after you fill your car?

How did Friday get here so quickly?


What are your random thoughts? Kinda fun to let your mind wonder. So, today, no scripture and no prayer. Do your own random thoughts. Junk the bad ones. Hold onto the good ones. Thank God for the blessed ones.

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