Friday, August 18, 2017


A friend asked this question today on Facebook:   What three people, living or dead, would you invite to dinner?

I did not hesitate.  I immediately knew.

PICK ONE:  My grandma.  I am sure I have mentioned her before.  She lived with us in the winters and grandkids took turns staying with her in the summer.  I absolutely loved – love – that lady.  I never saw her wear anything except a dress.  She made great mush.  She loved us.  She knew her Bible!  Even those hard to pronounce names.  In her, I saw faith.  A deep faith that was true and honest.  She lived knowing she would pass from today to forever. 

Yes, I would invite my grandma.  I would hug her and then I would thank her.  Thank her for building a foundation under me, one day at a time. And I never realized she was doing it.  I would invite my grandma.  I would seat her at the head of the table.

PICK TWO:  Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Did you just make a questioning face?  Did you wonder why Mary and not Jesus?  I know about Jesus.  I know what He can do for me. 

What I want to know is how she felt when the angel told her she was picked.  Of all the women in the world, Mary was picked.  Wow, does that ever beat being picked first for dodge ball.  I want to hear stories of Jesus as a baby.  When did he walk?  Was he always good?  Did he torment his siblings?  Was there a food he refused to eat?  Did he do his chores when told?  Was he a good carpenter?  Was he excited to begin His mission?  How were you able to stand at the foot of the Cross?  I would seat Mary across from my grandma.

PICK THREE:  Now, if you were surprised when I picked Mary, you better hold onto your hat for pick three.  I would place this person between grandma and Mary.  I would sit this person right there where these two women – so strong in their faith – could turn to hear the answer to one question:   Do you still believe what you wrote? 

I wonder how Charles Darwin would answer. 

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What three people would you pick?

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