Friday, September 22, 2017


In high school, I took two years of Latin and two years of Russian.  Not exactly sure why but I remember something about how Latin would help me understand the root of words.  Et tu Brute is not exactly a phrase I can work into everyday conversation and that is the one phrase of Latin I remember.  Russian, you wonder.  What I really wanted to learn was French so I could be an international airline stewardess, but our school did not offer French.  Russian would have to do.  It was interesting and my grades were -- not going there!! 

Thinking back on trying to learn Latin and Russian, makes me feel sorry for anyone trying to learn English.  Talk about confusing. 

How can these both be Hens and Chickens?

How would you use these words in a sentence?
            Live                       Resume                       Desert                          Produce                            

If you only heard these words, would you know how to use the word?
            Flour/Flower         To/Two/Too                Eight/Ate                    Knight/Night

Yes, the meaning of English words can be very confusing.  So can words in the Bible.

            Mercy                    Forgiveness                 Faith                            Sanctification
            Peace                     Baptism                       Communion                Grace

How do we learn the difference between Hens and Chickens the plant and Hens and Chickens the animals?  We read.  We study. 

How do we know the difference between flour and flower?  Eight and ate?  We read.  We study.

How do we learn the meaning of words such as mercy, grace, faith, and forgiveness?  We read.  We study.

Once we take the time to study, for more than two minutes, we will know what these words mean too.

Here are some websites I use to find the meaning of words in the Bible, answers to a gazillion questions and two that help when I have questions on the Jewish faith.

Online Bible:                                               
General questions:                                       
Bible commentaries:                                    
Study help                                                   

For questions on the Jewish faith:              

I hope these help you when you are trying to find the meaning of a word.  Or you have a question.  Or you want to dig a bit deeper. 

Celebrate each and every day.

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