Friday, November 23, 2007


TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 17:6

Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.


It was time for birthday shopping and this year I had two boys with me. You see, when our daughter's boys reach the age of seven, they receive a certificate good for one day of birthday shopping with grandma. Off we go to the big city of Fort Wayne and go to only stores they choose. That usually includes Target, Toys R Us and THE MALL.

Our day had gone pretty much on schedule. We took care of the dreaded "shirt and jeans" shopping first. Then we looked at all the toys -- those that would be good for Christmas and those that had a bigger price tag than the boys had in available spending money. Even then, it was fun to look and fun to dream. All was going great until one boy wanted to continue on to the mall and one had hit the I-am-worn-out point. He did not want to go into the mall and he was not going to get out of the car. Oh, the struggle that went into high gear. "I want to go in, come on Joshua." said Matthew. "I am not going in!" said Joshua.

First, I threatened to take him home. That didn't work, because he said okay. And, Matthew really wanted to go into the mall. Not possessing the wisdom of Solomon, I resorted to, "You are going in and that is that."

Into the mall we went and the first store we saw was a sports store. Matthew kept pointing out all the things that Joshua liked. Joshua still hung back.

Matthew bought some trading cards and then Joshua decided to spend a little of that money that was starting to burn a hole in his pocket. Just for a moment, I saw a spark of interest and I knew he was perking up.

Then we went across the hall and Joshua went into warp speed. "They have a Colts pennant." "Look at this poster." "And here is a Patriots pennant." (The Colts and Patriots were playing the next day and he wanted to have both goalposts covered.) Then it got better! In the back room were some games. "Oh, grandma, can we play these?"

They did. They had a blast. Then we found more wonders in a bookstore.

You see, Joshua acted like a lot of us. We dig in our heels. (I do not want to do that and know I will not enjoy it. So I will just stay put.)

What Joshua discovered, on the other side of the door to the mall, was fun. An adventure began when he relaxed and, because his brother wanted to go in, he opened that door.

(Are you trying to tie the scripture to the story? Give up! It only ties to the story because the scripture says, "Grandchildren are a crown for grandparents" and this grandma has a good time with our grandchildren.)


When do you dig in your heels? What fun have you missed because you just wanted to sit in the car? When have stayed home and missed enjoying time with friends because the activity wasn't exactly what you wanted to do? When have you been surprised by how much fun you had when you said, "Sure I will go."

Please use this as a beginning of your prayer. Finish in your own words, words from your heart.


Dear Jesus, I am stubborn sometimes. I want things my way. I don't stop to consider other people. Help me change this part of my personality. Instill in me a sense of adventure. Do not let me be afraid to open the door to your mall. You have so many blessing there for me. Peace. Hope. Unfailing love. ………………………………… Amen

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