Friday, November 28, 2008



Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,


I am writing this Wednesday evening, but by the time you read this, the left over turkey will be in the refrigerator. The dressing will be waiting to be eaten for lunch and I will still be wondering why Bill likes Mincemeat Pie. Thanksgiving is Bill's favorite holiday and I do love fixing the meal.

This year we had an added surprise when a beautiful centerpiece was delivered. One of our farm management families sent it to thank us for years of service. Bless their hearts. Every woman loves unexpected, fresh flowers.

I started on Wednesday baking and getting ready. The piecrust stuck to the counter and I ended up patching it. The Jello turned out just right. Then I made a peanut butter cake. (I know that is not traditional, but our son and I love peanut butter cake.) The cake was going good until I realized I did not have quite enough brown sugar. No problem. I just added a little white sugar. Then I realized the cake batter was thicker than usual. I checked the recipe. Right there it said 1/3 cup of peanut butter. Below that was one cup of something. Guess why the batter was thick. You are right. I had put in one cup instead of 1/3. A problem? Not sure. The cake looks okay and it baked fine, but I guess the taste test will come tomorrow. I put on extra icing just in case the cake is only fair.

If this is a normal year, the turkey will look like the picture in those cooking magazines, but will fall apart when we cut it. I guess we like ours actually cooked all the way through. Bill will mash the potatoes and I will make the gravy. The cranberry Jello salad will be eaten by some and some will turn their noses up.

I have the table set and it looks pretty. I had planned to use the everyday dishes that could be stuck in the dishwasher, but then the flowers arrived I changed my mind. The table is set with our 43-year-old wedding china (a gift from my parents), the good glasses and coasters that belonged to Bill's uncle. When we sit down to the table, we will miss having our daughter and her family, but will welcome our son's friend and her children.

I can see why Thanksgiving is Bill's favorite holiday. It is a day to enjoy family. It is a day to reflect on blessings. The big ones we notice -- Health. Family. Friends. Home. The small ones we almost forget and take for granted -- Electricity. Water. Laughter.

Today my biggest blessing is faith. I had religion a long time and I found there is a big difference between faith and religion. I will take faith.


What were you thankful?

Please use this as a beginning of your prayer. Finish in your own words, words from your heart.

Friday morning: A note before I post this: The cake was tremendous. I will put extra peanut butter the next time too. The turkey was drier than usual. The dressing (stuffing to you city people) was very good this year. And Bill was the only one to eat the pie. Know what? Dry turkey or not - IT WAS A WONDERFUL DAY. Of course, I will have to write about the kids saying someone is at the door and finding a police officer ready to ring the bell. And no, he was not going door-to-door for charity.


Today, please offer a prayer of your own. Use simple words. Or exquisite words. Offer a prayer thanking God for all He has given you.

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Cathy said...

Glad your day was great. Enjoy your writing LOTS.