Friday, July 24, 2009



And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.


This last weekend was difficult for the members of our church. And yet it did an amazing work in our church. (For privacy reasons, I will not use names, but this happened on Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19.)

Saturday was a beautiful day, in our part of Indiana. Sun was shining. A cool day. Rain maybe later in the day, but Saturday started great. Until --

A young lady in our church was to be married Saturday. The Friday night rehearsal went great. Saturday, the bride-to-be posted on facebook, "This is my wedding day." She had planned this day. She was going to be a bride. Until -- Until her fiancée died. Yes, you read that correctly. He died. This Saturday started great. Until.

As our minister was giving comfort to this young lady, another tragedy was taking place. Two young girls were riding 4-wheelers. We all know kids will be kids and they were having fun. Until -- Until the 4-wheelers hit head on. Two girls were flown to the nearest hospital. Two girls who are in serious, but stable condition. This Saturday started great. Until.

I want you to know that there were so many prayers being said. Prayers for comfort. Prayers for peace. Prayers for understanding. Prayers for healing. Prayers for faith. Prayers for wisdom as doctors and families had to make decisions. Prayers. Prayers.

Those prayers continued Sunday morning when blankets were blessed and taken to the young lady who would soon be burying a loved one and to two young girls who did not know when those blankets were laid on them.

The amazing work it did in our church: Sunday during the blessing of the prayer blankets, you could feel the Holy Spirit in our church. Every person was united. United in their love and compassion. In their tears. Every person was united in prayer. United because they knew their prayers were being offered to a God that IS. A God that IS alive and listening. A God that IS there for each person. A God that IS strong when we are weak, confused and lost.

We all have faced or will face a "Saturday started great. Until day." We all have faced or will face a day that brings unspeakable tragedy into our lives. That is when we need a strong faith foundation. A foundation where we have a solid footing.

I pray that each of you have a strong faith foundation. And that you build on that foundation. That your cornerstone is Jesus. That the walls you build are built on the Word of God. That the strength of the cross is placed at the center and that the Holy Spirit fills you.


Have you had something happen in your life that made you need the prayers of others?


Please pray for this young lady and all who loved her and her husband-to-be. Please pray for these two young girls. They need your prayers.

Pray for a strong foundation in your life.

Dear God, Take all that is in my heart and know my prayers are honest and sincere. In the name of Your Son, Jesus, I pray. Amen

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