Friday, February 22, 2013


NOTE:  The Travel Bug has hit us, so – unless another snow storm hits – we are going to do a bit traveling.  I will not be posting any blogs during March.  So, during March, look around your world.  Find reminders of God around your home.  At work.  As you look out the window. God is always there.  -- Celebrate each day,  Mary


Our church is doing a study on the book Soul Shift, by Steve DeNeff and David Drury. Last week’s chapter was titled Slave To Child and it made for some good discussion. There was a sentence that said, “We don’t need others to tell us our identity.” What I wrote in the margin was, “Or do we become what people tell us we are?”

As I was preparing the lesson, I really thought about this. Do we live our lives based on how others describe us? On what other people think of us? Do we remember the good things people tell us? Or do we get a death grip on the negative and allow it to shape our whole lives?

If someone calls you dumb, do you quit trying to learn? If someone tells you to shut up, do you decide you will never try to express your opinion again? If someone says your child is not good enough, do you feel like a failure as a parent?

Not to boast but my margin drawings during a Bible Study are rather famous. Oh, not because they are good! But because I am brave enough to show them. This is my drawing of things we might hear.


How would you feel if these things had been said to you? Were any of these said to you? Do you say them to others? If so, how will they feel?

Do you think it matters who we listen to? What if you were told you are chosen? Or that you are confident. What if you were called a saint?



Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God


Wow --- If you grew up hearing that you are loved. That you are special. That you are a Child of God. You are one lucky person!!

But wait (just like the infomercial there is a bonus coming) -- It is not too late! You have a choice. You can listen to the world. OR You can choose to listen to a Father that loves you.

LET US PRAY: Please read the following as your prayer. This is from Soul Shift but I have reworded so it will be personal.

O Lord,

I don’t think I am worth much. I don’t value the body You have given me, but You call my body a temple where the Holy Spirit lives.

I say I cannot ask for much, that I should be as humble as slaves in a throne room; You say I can approach the throne of grace with confidence.

I feel empty; You say I am given all the fullness.

I feel condemned for my sin and figure I am stuck with my sins and dirty little habits; You say I am free -- no longer condemned. You chose me to be holy and blameless in Your sight.

You say I am a saint.

You say I am Your child.

O Lord, help me listen to you and become who I really am.


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