Friday, August 15, 2014


Our minister was trying out a new toy -- a sound system with karaoke. He said he thought he shouldn't be caught singing Friends in Low Places. I told him, "Why not? It is a great song and it could lead to a sermon."

That is when some of the verses started rolling around in my head. I do have friends in low places, because sin puts you in a very low place. And we are all sinners.

Blame it all on my roots

== If only Eve had not taken the first bite and Adam the second, my roots would be way different.

Cause I've got friends in low places

== These friends are called sinners and the low place is where that ole devil wants us to stay.

Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away

== Ok. I will have to change this verse to where "the Cross covers" and "forgiveness chases" my sins away.

And I'll be okay

== Yes. Yes I will

I will be okay. You will be okay. Why? Because God loves us enough to send His Son.


We are not walking around in the Garden of Eden because of sin. It started with just a small sin. Taking a bite from that pretty fruit on just one tree. NO. It started with the not so small sin of disobeying God. It went downhill from there, but God really did want His children to walk the straight and narrow.

First God sent prophets but His children did not listen to them and even roughed them up. People were out there doing all sorts of things. Worshipping other gods. Sacrificing children. Breaking those silly Ten Commandments. The Priests were in it for stature and power. Yup, a lot of sinning going on. Really big sins. Sins that required a big, larger than life sacrifice. God sent His Son.

Today we don't hear much about sin in church. We hear about a loving gracious God. And He is! Also, it seems we get caught in the trap of, "Well, of course I am a sinner. But I only do small, little sins. It is not as if I have ever done a big sin. I am not like (fill in the name) who has (fill in the sin)."

News flash! Sin is sin!!! Jesus came, suffered, died and arose for the tiniest sin each of us commits. Jesus came so we - you, me, and them - have a way to overcome sin. Without Jesus and the payment He made for our sins, we for sure would be with our friends in a low place.

A low place that gets very, very hot.

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