Friday, February 17, 2017


Now picture this:  I am sitting at my desk.  With my iPad on the desk.  Using the computer, I am “finger talking” with a Facebook friend in England.  Then the iPad sounds off.  It is our son.  So I “finger talk” with him also. 

Now how cool is that?  Son is only 20 miles away but England is over the pond and I am having a conversation with both of them at the same time.  Doesn’t that just beat all?

Conversation: 1. an informal talk involving two people or a small group of people,  2. oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas,  3. an exchange similar to conversation

Now anyone that knows me will attest to my ability to have a conversation.  I strike up conversations with strangers while standing in a line, riding in an elevator or eating in a restaurant.  Longer conversations take place over a cup of coffee.  Really long exchanges of ideas can last for hours at our discussion group.  My hubby will tell you I am very proficient in having conversations with him where he never utters a word.


“Yes, God.”

“So you talk to strangers, friends and your husband?”

“Yes, God.”

“What about me, Mary?  When was the last time you spoke to me?”

“What?  I talked to you this morning as I was getting out of bed.”

“Yes, but that did not last long because you … well you were in a hurry to get to the little room.”

“I know.  I drank coffee last night… Hey, you are the one who created me and you know how coffee…...”

“Mary, you are missing the point.  You said you talked to strangers.  You have longer conversations over coffee and, if I remember right, that one discussion group lasted for three and a half hours.  I can also have compassion for Bill because many of our conversations are very one sided.  My question is this:  have you ever talked to me for three and a half hours?”

“No.  But..Well..Honestly?  You expect me to talk to you for that long?  And besides, I was not the only one talking at the discussion group!”

“Mary, you are not supposed to be the only one talking when we are having a conversation either.”

+   +  +   +   +   +   +   +   + +   +   +   +
Oh, drat.  Hate it when God does that, but He does have a very good point.  It seems I have time to have real live conversations, “finger talk” conversations and back and forth conversations on Facebook.  Why is it so hard to set time to talk with God?

After all, as busy as Jesus was he sure found time.  He went to the mountainside (Luke 6:12), he went alone (Matthew 14:23), he took Peter, John and James with him (Luke 9:28-29) and he prayed that if it was God’s will that the cup be taken from him (Luke 22:40-42).

Jesus ask God to give his disciples the Spirit of truth (John 14:16-17) and he prayed them right into God’s hands.  Then Jesus prayed for all who will believe in him through the messages they hear (John 17:6-9). 

My favorite image is from Mark 1:35-38.  Jesus’ alarm clock must not have a snooze button, because he even got up very early, while it was still dark, quietly slipped out of the house so as not to wake the disciples and found a place where he could be alone. 

Old Testament to New Testament, Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21, there is just a whole lot of praying going on.  Men.  Women.  Jews.  Gentiles.  Children.  Old.  Young. Jesus.  Disciples.  You would think God would enjoy some peace and quiet.  But no!  There are 108 verses on prayer, plus those on praise, shout, proclaim and witness.  Although there are a number of instructions on what we are not to do with our voice, it seems God rather enjoys hearing from us.

+   +  +   +   +   +   +   +   + +   +   +   +


“Yes, Mary.”

“I have been thinking about our earlier discussion and wondered if you have a minute.”

“My child, I always have time.  My clock not only lacks a snooze button, it does not even have hands on it.”

“Well, I have this idea but I want to kick it around a bit.  Make sure it has your stamp of approval.  Yes, I know, that means I will have to wait and listen, not just talk.  And by the way, the sunrise this morning…………………….”

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