Friday, June 16, 2017


I was off for a day with a 13 year old grandson.  A day-a-week-during-the-summer with this set of grandsons is a tradition.  Now it is usually just me and the last of the four boys.  Last summer Tim wanted to learn how to cook.  We did main dishes.  His family liked coming home and finding supper ready to put on the table.  This summer we are working on desserts.

Our day did not go quite as planned.  First up was a dump cake.  Easy to make and it was quickly in the oven.  Since it was a quick and easy dessert, Tim was also going to make a rhubarb pie for his grandpa.  I ask for a mixing cup.

Oops!  It slipped right out of my hand.  Glass everywhere!  In the rug in front of the sink.  Over in front of the fridge.  Across the kitchen and under the table.  Just how far can glass bounce?  A long way and it can break into a lot of pieces. 

I cleaned the glass up.  (Remember – 13 year old boy and we all know how they are at cleaning.)  I mopped the floor.  I looked close.  I picked up pieces of teeny, tiny glass slivers which hid from the broom and mop. 

Than it was back to baking.  Tim cut the rhubarb.  He measured.  He put the pie together.  He put the pie in the oven. 

The pie ran over!!  I opened the windows.  Turned on fans.  Just how much smoke can one pie make?  A lot!  Luckily the smoke alarms did not go off and the alarm company did not call because the alarms were going off and the fire department was not called because there was smoke rolling out of those open windows.

And then the joy began!  Tim sampled his cake and licked his lips.  Success!  He then tried the pie, which he knew he would not like.  He licked his lips.  Success!

Tim teased me about dropping the cup.  (He also made sure his mother knew I dropped the cup, not him.)  We were amazed at the amount of smoke lingering in the kitchen. 

Funny how joy comes ….. Well, joy comes at the most unexpected times. 

PSALM 30:11 (reworded to fit the day)

You turned a broken cup into dancing (around pieces of broken glass) and removed the smoke and surrounded us with joy.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Where do you find joy?
Joy is everywhere.  Allow it to be a part of your day.  A part of your life.
Then share that joy with others.

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Laura Fiechter said...

I love it. The greatest joy or most appreciated joy in my life is in those unexpected moments. The times when you need it most, and its like God plops it down and says "I know you need this -- see here it is"