Friday, January 12, 2018


I don’t know about you, but, often when I try to pray, my prayer goes like this:

Good morning God, I am excited to see what you have planned for me today (have to put a load of laundry in).  Where will you take me (there is a prescription to pick up at CVS) and what will I find (and do not forget a bag of DOVE chocolate)?

Today I will read the chapter that goes with the Sunday School lesson so I am (read – I wonder if the new Lee Child book is in at the library) ready for class. 

I lift up my family and friends and ask you to watch over them.  I lift up your church and ask that you guide us to do your work.  I lift up all that are not in warm homes and those that are on the street.  It is so cold.  (funny how I got through that part with no mental interruptions)

(now what should I say -- think that about covers it -- time for lunch so – oh, right) Thank you for all the blessings you have given me (I better charge my iPad before it runs out of juice) and open my eyes to the unseen blessings (better call the eye doctor and change my appointment).


My mind works in a strange way.  Family and friends will agree.  They are never exactly sure how it works.  When I try to pray, in my head, even I am not sure how to control my thoughts.  They will jump from one thing to another and even talking to God fails.

BUT, when I journal, when my hand holds a pen, my conversations with God are focused.  My fears and joys and dreams and questions and praises flow onto a page, with no thought of laundry or chocolate.  When my hand holds a pen, time does not matter and the whole world is silent. 

How do you pray?  Do you sit quietly, head bowed and feel God listening to you?  Do you pray the minute your eyes open and before they close in sleep?  Do you look up?  Do you get on your knees?  Do you pray with your voice or silently?


It does not matter if you stand or sit.  Nor if your hands are in your lap or raised toward heaven.  What matters is what is in your heart. 

You should pray humbly:
  • with confidence that God hears
  • with trust in God’s promises
  • with the understanding that God answers prayers with “yes” and “no” and “wait until the correct time”
  • with a thankful, open and honest heart


Are you wondering why this is entitled Cold?  When I started this, I was going to pull from my January 9th journal entry, but my mind took a leap to why I write in the journal which moved onto prayer and now back to the intended purpose.  (Hey, I told you my mind is a bit different but do not worry.  It is not a new or age thing.  It has always been this way.)

Lord, please watch over all those that have the flu and it is spreading so quickly. 

And watch over people who are cold – inside their souls, in their homes and the homeless.  Cold – a scary word.  Do warm the bodies of those on the street.  Warm the homes of those lacking heat.  Mainly, Lord, warm our frozen, cold hearts and souls.  Soften our hearts with your LOVE!  Expand our hearts to include those we do not love and the ones we do not even see.  Thaw our frozen hearts so they will empty of hate, resentment and fear and become full of love, compassion, hope, forgiveness, and sincerity. 


Sometimes what I write surprises me.  When I asked God to watch over people who are cold, I meant a physical cold because of the weather.  Somehow, inside their souls appeared on the paper.  That really made cold a scary word.  If our bodies become too cold – frozen – we will die.  If our souls become too cold – frozen – we die but without the guarantee of eternal life.

My prayer for each that reads this is that your body stays warm during this winter and that your soul stays warm for eternity.

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